FUE hair transplant

Gain practical knowledge and skills

The FUE method is the newest and most common method of hair transplantation. In the course, you will learn how to consult patients and gain the practical skills needed to start your practice.

Are you planning to expand your medical practice to include hair transplantation?

Learn from the best! Dr. Artur Kierach is an experienced physician performing hair transplants since 2011. With over 2500 procedures conducted, affiliation with the International Society of Hair Restoration, and numerous foreign training sessions, he ensures the highest level of training and familiarity with the latest techniques.
Dr. Artur Kierach began his professional journey in Oslo, where he spent nearly a year learning the FUE-DHI hair transplant method. Afterward, he moved to Paris and worked for 5 years performing hair transplants. Upon returning to Poland, he established HairCenter Kierach, focusing on hair loss diagnosis, treatment, and FUE-DHI hair transplants. Currently, HairCenter Kierach is a part of Kierach Medical Clinic.

Why is FUE so popular?

The FUE method has gained popularity in recent years due to its minimal invasiveness and rapid recovery. By extracting individual hair follicles, it is much easier to achieve the natural effect that patients expect.
Patients undergoing FUE hair transplant can return to their professional duties within 7-10 days after the procedure, and initial results can be seen as early as 3-4 months.
Patient awareness increases with each passing year, and they are more willing to make the decision to undergo treatment.

Gain knowledge confirmed by a certificate
Course under the patronage of the Polish Society of Hair Transplantation and Trichology.
The course is exclusively aimed at medical doctors.
Each participant receives a training certificate.
Dr. Artur Kierach is a physician specializing in FUE-DHI hair transplantation since 2011. After 5 years of work in Paris, he returned to Poland to open his own clinic in Warsaw.

Training program

Patient eligibility consultation

Principles of patient qualification
Estimating the number of hair follicles needed
Designing the frontal hairline

Basic principles of the FUE method

Basic principles of hair transplantation
Equipment needed for the procedure
Equipment of the treatment room
Preparation of the treatment room for the procedure

Collection of hair follicles

Hair transplantation methods
Tools available

Storage of hair follicles

Rules for storing hair follicles outside the body between collection and implantation

Hair follicle implantation

Hair follicle implantation methods
Available methods and tools
Basic principles of implantation

Practical part

Each trainee will have the opportunity to harvest and implant hair follicles themselves during the procedure.

3 900 €

Practical course (5 days): 16 900 €

The course is directed only to physicians
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