Courses in aesthetic medicine

Training only
for doctors

Courses are conducted at our headquarters in Warsaw in small groups. There is a possibility of an individual course on selected issues of aesthetic medicine.

If you are a doctor

and you’re thinking about expanding your knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine and laser therapy, at Kierach Medical Clinic we offer courses for advanced as well as beginner doctors.
With us, you can learn:
– administering botulinum toxin to minimize wrinkles, but also its use in treating hyperhidrosis or bruxism
– administering fillers to achieve a natural appearance of the patient
– administering skin biostimulators
– performing skin mesotherapy, including scalp treatment for baldness
– selecting appropriate preparations for specific conditions and issues
– performing CO2 laser procedures.

Gain certified knowledge
At Kierach Medical Clinic, we work with experienced doctors who have been training for a minimum of five years.
Aesthetic medicine is becoming more and more common and the methods we use are changing every year. In order to keep up to date, every aspiring practitioner should train in new techniques and preparations on a regular basis.

Do you have questions?

Write or call us. The course takes place at our headquarters in Warsaw.

Use of botulinum toxin

od 3.500 PLN

Fillers – hyaluronic acid

od 3.500 PLN

Mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine

od 3.500 PLN

Laser therapy in aesthetic medicine

od 3.500 PLN
We help you choose the right laser for your practice

Tissue biostimulators

od 2.900 PLN

Individual training

od 5.900 PLN

od 3.500 PLN

Course in aesthetic medicine

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